Genn.2014 b 015I was born in La Spezia in Italy, where I still live. I started drawing and painting when I was thirteen years old, and I am completely self-taught. I have never wanted to do anything else but draw and paint. Naturally, when I first started to draw, my artwork was not as detailed as it is today. However, over the years I have practiced and practiced and striven for perfection. I pay attention to every last detail, s an effort to make the final drawing as close to reality as possible. I first started drawing with pencil. I have studied all the possible shades of the grey between the absolute white and the deepest black, because the draftsmanship is the essential foundation of the all arts of drawing and painting. When I felt I had mastered pencil drawing I then started to use charcoal pencil, ink, pastels, water colors and the oils. My favorite subject, as I mentioned earlier are always portraits (I make them on request too) because to draw a portrait means to represent the face of a person, unique amid the millions of people, with it personal traits and features, different from any other face. The variety of the human being is extraordinary and it’s practically impossible to find two persons perfectly the same. Therefore we can recognize, when the portrait is well drawn, the person represented by the drawing. I have taken part in many art exhibitions. In 1998 I won the prize “San Marco” (Cenacolo Buttini) in Avenza (Tuscan) with the work of art: “Clouds”.